When People Are in Need, Every Effort to Help Counts

rear view of person wearing royal blue jacket with Ukraine flag looking at background of Ukraine colors
Photo by Daniele Franchi on Unsplash

My youngest sister is an amazing person.

A tenured educator, she’s traveled to remote places of the world in pursuit of her work, enhancing her knowledge in the fields of Biogeography, Landscape Ecology, and Dendrochronology.

She’s also an artist and talented musician. Recently, she and a few friends gathered together and created a YouTube video in homage and support for Ukraine. It’s a touching, moving performance — I hope you’ll take a few minutes to watch, and listen. My sister is playing the violin.

Small contributions of thoughtfulness, generosity, and caring go a long way

Especially when they have the cumulative effect of a producing a positive united effort. Step-by-step, bit-by bit, the kindness, concern, and compassion we can all express and share in solidarity for others has an impact we can’t always see — until we do.

By the way, my other sisters and my brother are pretty awesome, too — each in their own way. But those are other posts, yet to be written.

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Jill Reid

Jill Reid

Author of the “Real Life Series” & “Please God, Make Me A Writer” | Writing on life, relationships, personal success, health, humanity | https://JillReid.com