How to Find the Courage to Speak Your Mind

In response to a reader’s question …

Hi, Emily - thank you for reading the article “4 Reasons to be Honest About Your Feelings and Live an Authentic Life. I really appreciate that you took the time to add your thoughts and question.

When it comes to being authentic and overcoming the hurdles preventing us from revealing our inner thoughts and needs, I discovered two simple words that keep me on track - and genuine - when I’m about to be corralled into a situation or activity that’s clearly not right: "For Me."

Since integrating "for me" into my communication with others, I've observed an interesting result. Rather than challenging or confronting an opposing idea, offering this simple phrase qualifies my position - and feelings - about any uncomfortable suggestions or demands made by others.

The outcome (so far) has provided a positive experience for everyone, including yours truly.

Here's an article that may offer a few tips and guidance in your own life, and help to alleviate discomfort, reluctance, and guilt - for you:

Jill Reid is the author of Real Life and Discover Your Personal Truth.

Author of “Real Life” & “Discover Your Personal Truth” | Writing on life, relationships, happiness, health, & personal success —

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