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Choosing to take a step back may be the best option to maintain your sanity

Back view of woman wearing long sleeve striped shirt sitting on swing overlooking canyon and rushing river
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Recently, I’ve noticed an uncomfortable change in my behavior.

When confronted with an unknown or prickly situation, my personal gatekeeper immediately pulls up a heavy drawbridge of denial.

For the life of me, I don’t remember intentionally setting this trigger. And I had to get to the bottom of it. …


Maybe we should stop looking for the answers.

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“Time moves in one direction, memory in another.”— William Gibson

Questions are inherent to our lives.

Whether internal or presented by others, someone — somewhere — is always looking for an answer.

This concept really hits home when we consider the many conversations we have with ourselves. Because when a question is asked, we tend to…


Are we losing sight of our humanity?

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Last week I broke one of my favorite vases.

I’ve had it for a long time. In fact, the piece was a gift from a close friend. The vase had been hand-made from natural materials, sculpted by a skilled artisan and incorporating a fluted edge design and vibrant color scheme that always caught my eye.

Displayed on a bookshelf…

We are littered with cracks and breaks.

rear view of girl with long blonde hair wearing long sleeve jacket sitting on stone wall looking out across field and mountains
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People are broken.

We are littered with cracks and breaks. If you think you’re the exception, I wish you safe travels through your self-illusion.

The truth is we didn’t start out in a shattered state.

We arrived in this world with everything we needed to take our personal life journey.

Through experience, we learned the lessons of failure, success, love, despair, awareness, disappointment, hope…

The pros and cons of wearing that little piece of fabric

close-up of woman’s face with piece of fabric covering from the nose down brown hair green eyes
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We’re living in serious and uncertain times.

Wary, cautious, and often confused, we wake up every day to ever-changing mandates, skewed statistics, and suspicious facts buried beneath mountains of agenda-driven rhetoric.

Several states have reinstated the requirement to wear masks in public. Bummer. After months of breathing freely, I was just getting comfy with a return to…


Why it’s important to question the good intentions of others

smiling girl with long brown hair tied up and arms raised behind her head
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“Do as I say, not as I do.”

It’s a common phrase. As children, we often heard it from our parents and elders. Typically used to curtail inappropriate behavior, this mantra was stamped into our subconscious in an attempt to train our young minds and instill obedience.

But a few of us wondered why there were two sets…


The hard lessons I learned from staying too long on “Someday Isle”

girl with long reddish-brown hair wearing long-sleeve knit sweater holding arms above her head in front of colorful graffiti wall
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“When the time is right, I’ll know it.”

How often have you heard those words, or said them yourself?

The phrase is often used as an excuse or delay tactic, often triggered by a reluctance to take action or responsibility for changing our lives. …

Jill Reid

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