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Author of the “Real Life Series” & “Please God, Make Me A Writer” | Writing on life, relationships, happiness, health, & personal success-https://JillReid.com
Back view of two girls with long hair with arms around each other
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Hope you’re having a great day!

Hope all is well with you!

Hope you’re feeling fine and walking the line!

Hope happiness and joy find you every day!

How often do you hear — or use — these types of statements?

Frankly, I’m beginning to worry why everyone is so damn hopeful that I’m doing well, feeling good, enjoying life, or being happy…


Back view of young boy and girl holding hands and walking toward staircase
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“Have you tried the yoga class?”

The question came from behind me.

I’d been busily digging in a gym locker, attempting to retrieve my heavy coat and gym bag before stepping into the inclement weather. Her voice had startled me.

I turned around and noticed a bundled-up shadow crouching in…


smiling woman with long brown hair wearing white off-the-shoulder blouse
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We do it every day, all day long.

Self-talk — that private conversation we have with ourselves is going on in our heads around the clock. And occasionally, when our inner voice is determined to be heard, we actually say what we’re thinking — out loud.

Sometimes, our internal chat takes on the form of a review of…


Back view of woman wearing long sleeve striped shirt sitting on swing overlooking canyon and rushing river
Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Recently, I’ve noticed an uncomfortable change in my behavior.

When confronted with an unknown or prickly situation, my personal gatekeeper immediately pulls up a heavy drawbridge of denial.

For the life of me, I don’t remember intentionally setting this trigger. And I had to get to the bottom of it. …


picture of holiday table filled with food, four people toasting wine glasses in center
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We knew it was coming.

In fact, we’re already caught up in the hustle, bustle, and rush to start (and finish) shopping, organize meal plans, and schedule family visits. And making travel arrangements and adhering to the necessary protocols have now instilled an added layer of urgency and stress.

We’re in the bullseye of the holiday season — with both feet.

Regardless of best efforts to stay…


close up of multiple hands joined together
Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Last week I broke one of my favorite vases.

I’ve had it for a long time. In fact, the piece was a gift from a close friend. The vase had been hand-made from natural materials, sculpted by a skilled artisan and incorporating a fluted edge design and vibrant color scheme that always caught my eye.

Displayed on a bookshelf…

close-up of woman’s face with piece of fabric covering from the nose down brown hair green eyes
Photo by Alexandru Zdrobău on Unsplash

We’re living in serious and uncertain times.

Wary, cautious, and often confused, we wake up every day to ever-changing mandates, skewed statistics, and suspicious facts buried beneath mountains of agenda-driven rhetoric.

Several states have reinstated the requirement to wear masks in public. Bummer. After months of breathing freely, I was just getting comfy with a return to…

Jill Reid

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