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Jill Reid
Author of the “Real Life Series” & “Please God, Make Me A Writer” | Writing on life, relationships, happiness, health, & personal success-


5 tips for creating a positive dialogue with yourself

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We do it every day, all day long.

Self-talk — that private conversation we have with ourselves is going on in our heads around the clock. And occasionally, when our inner voice is determined to be heard, we actually say what we’re thinking — out loud.

Sometimes, our internal chat takes on the form of a review of…

We are littered with cracks and breaks.

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People are broken.

We are littered with cracks and breaks. If you think you’re the exception, I wish you safe travels through your self-illusion.

The truth is we didn’t start out in a shattered state.

We arrived in this world with everything we needed to take our personal life journey.

Through experience, we learned the lessons of failure, success, love, despair, awareness, disappointment, hope…


I promise to do whatever it takes

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If you’ve ever wondered whether you have what it takes to be a writer, you’re not alone.

In fact, you’re in good company, joining the ranks of those who have asked themselves the same question and persevered, regardless of the answer.

We write because it’s something we must do. …


Facing your fears may be the best thing that could happen

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It’s easy to get caught up in an endless loop of confusion

We’re overwhelmed, our too-tight schedules leaving little time to figure out the big picture, much less the priorities of the moment — or the next day. Many of us find ourselves repeatedly asking the same questions, to no one in particular. For example:

  • How do I figure out my real…


We’re on a never-ending treasure hunt for the secrets to streamline our journey

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I have a lot of questions.

And if I start working on them right now, I might get most of them resolved before I die.

But that may not be enough. Because if I don’t find the answer — the one that touches my heart and puts my soul to rest — I might have to…


Stirring the pot of emotions may create a witch’s brew

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Sometimes I feel like a one-person audience, held captive in a huge auditorium.

Positioned in a front row seat, I’m on edge and nervous — not knowing what to expect. At first, the silence is deafening and as the lights dim, I notice a dark, heavy curtain parting in the middle.

And that’s when I know the show is about to begin.



Blank screens, empty minds, anxiety, and doubt are inherent to the profession

pensive girl with long blonde hair wearing glasses and pink top

Ideas, concepts, storylines are swirling in your head.

You get excited at the prospect of opening the flood gates and letting the words stream live onto a blank page. Because there’s always more coming in, and you can’t find room to contain it all, much less mentally organize, vet, and improve on your wild imaginings.

You sit down…


Be relevant, confident, and generous on the platform

three young adults sitting around wooden table with computer laughing, smiling, and talking

Medium seems to be a mixed bag of opportunity, high hopes, and chameleon-like strategies and features.

The platform offers creative options intended to improve our efforts at writing and get our hard work into the world.

A few well-known tips include formatting techniques for creating headlines, subtitles, kickers, quotes, and paragraph breaks, along with suggestions on where to find free photos and how to add Alt…


Maybe we should stop looking for the answers.

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“Time moves in one direction, memory in another.”— William Gibson

Questions are inherent to our lives.

Whether internal or presented by others, someone — somewhere — is always looking for an answer.

This concept really hits home when we consider the many conversations we have with ourselves. Because when a question is asked, we tend to…


The true tests of life often require facing your fears with confidence and gratitude

man in mid-air letting go of rope over calm lake
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I consider myself a fan of the reality show, Naked and Afraid.

To clarify my enthusiasm, I’m not the kind of fan who imagines myself actually engaging in one of the challenges. …

Jill Reid

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